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Protect your home and family from the dangers of extreme weather with our impact windows. With high quality and resistant materials, they give you peace of mind and security at all times. They also reduce noise and energy consumption in your home. Buy our impact windows now!

Protection Savings

An impact window is a type of window specially designed to resist the effects of high winds and pressure from flying objects that can occur during storms and hurricanes. It is made of highly resistant and durable materials, including special laminated glass that reduces the risk of shattering and fragmentation in the event of impacts.

These elements can also improve the energy efficiency of your home, as they are designed to reduce the amount of air entering and leaving your home.

Safety: They provide an extra layer of protection in case of high winds, hurricanes or storms.

Energy savings: They reduce the amount of air going in and out of your home, which means your air conditioner or heater doesn’t have to work as hard, saving energy and money.

Noise reduction: Significantly reduces outside noise.


Constructed with durable and resistant materials to withstand strong impacts.


Offer effective protection against burglary and hurricanes, keeping your property safe and secure

Energy savings

Thermal and acoustic insulation to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort.


Modern and attractive design to match any architectural style.

Easy maintenance

They require little maintenance and are easy to clean.


They can be easily opened and closed and have high security locking options.

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Fabricacion de puertas y ventanas de alto impacto

Our experience and technology allow us to manufacture the strongest and most durable high impact doors on the market, trust us to protect your property!

Diseño de puertas y ventanas de alto impacto

We offer a modern and attractive design for our high impact doors that fits any architectural style, choose the design you like best!

venta de puertas y ventanas de alto impacto
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We have a wide range of high impact doors at competitive prices, get yours and protect your property!

Transportation and installation

Our experts take care of the installation and transportation of your high impact door to ensure its proper functioning and safety.

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Protect your property from natural hazards with our high-impact doors and windows. Our products are designed to withstand high winds, torrential rains and other extreme weather events.

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